Dr. McGowan frequently consults with patients and helps develop a plan of action when additional services of other providers are needed. Often he is called upon to evaluate or treat clients who have been mandated by the legal system to obtain psychological treatment. 

Usually the client's insurance will cover the costs of counseling but does not cover reports or telephone consultation with court personnel which may be required. There is a $150.00 per hour charge for non-insurance covered services.

Insurance does not cover client requests for Dr. McGowan to be in contact with attorneys or court officials. 

Contact includes but is not limited to telephone conversations, writing reports,  reviewing files, providing client treatment records or summary reports, being deposed or appearing in court

Charges for these services are calculated in 15 minute segments for work performed in Scottsdale Psychological Services offices. Services which are performed out of the office are billed in four hour segments and include travel and waiting time. Legal services are charged at $250.00 per hour and require a $1000.00 retainer fee.

Dr. McGowan does not do custody evaluations. These evaluations are usually assigned to a psychologist who is considered an expert by the court and is assigned to perform the assessment of the parents and children.  

Disability assessments and the completion of disability forms are considered on a case by case basis. Completion of disability forms is not covered by insurance companies, and must be paid by the client at the time services are rendered.

Disability assessments or completion of disability documents are billed at $125.00 for short reports. Long reports are billed at $150.00 per hour. You must be an established patient before Dr. McGowan can complete any type of disability forms.