At Scottsdale Psychological Services we always help the client monitor his medications by talking about any problems or concerns that the client has regarding her medications. We encourage the client to notify her medical doctor if any negative effects occur with her medication. We are also available to discuss the client's concerns with her physician when necessary and appropriate and with the agreement of the client.


Because medical conditions can cause psychological symptoms, we encourage all clients to visit their doctor for a medical evaluation before or in the early stages of psychotherapy. Thyroid conditions can cause depressive or manic like symptoms. Diabetes and hypoglycemia can produce changes in mood. Depression can be a first sign of Parkinson's disease, and may also appear to be dementia in elderly people. Head injuries, past or present, can cause personality changes, memory loss, anger and rage. Heart problems may be interpreted as a panic attack. Therefore it is always recommended that the client's physician rule out any physical conditions that could be causing psychological symptoms.