Psychological Testing

Dr. McGowan does extensive personality testing when a patient's diagnosis is unclear, and to help in treatment planning. Testing is often ordered by a physician, or a patient may want him or herself to get tested in order to understand his personality better. Some insurance companies pay for testing while others do not. If Neuropsychological testing is required, we refer the patient to the Barrows Neurological Institute for testing. When testing is needed for school or work accommodations then the client is referred to an educational psychologist who specializes in this type of testing. Insurance companies usually will not pay for this type of testing as it is usually the responsibility of the school to perform testing for school accommodations. Testing for work accommodations may be offered by the Department of Economic Security in Arizona

Dr. McGowan does not perform custody evalulations. These evaluations must first be ordered by a family court judge who will refer the testing to a specialist recognized by the court.

Psychological testing for use in legal situations, is usually not covered by insurance. Dr. McGowan will consider performing this type of testing on a case by case basis, at a rate of $150. per hour.