Telephonic and Skype Counseling

Today many people enjoy the experience of sitting in their home, having a cup of coffee, and talking on the phone to a friend or relative. We believe that the same comforts should be available to our clients. We have recently started making telephone and Internet/Skype counseling available to our clients. You don't have to leave your home, which can be a hassle if the weather is bad, or you simply don't feel up to it. 

Most insurance companies will only pay for face to face counseling; however certain mental and physical disabilities may qualify a person to obtain approval for in-home therapy from their insurance company. If you think you might qualify for insurance coverage; simply call your insurance membership services office and discuss your case with your insurance staff.

The majority of phone and internet clients will have to pay for telephone and internet/Skype counseling out of pocket. To get started; you simply arrange an appointment by calling our office. The following non-insurance fees apply to Skype and Telephone counseling.