Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)is a form of CBT, developed by Dr. Albert Ellis in the 60's. The basis of REBT is that a person is rarely affected emotionally by outside things but rather by his perceptions, attitudes or internalized beliefs about such things and events.

Dr. Ellis believed that the following three beliefs account for much human suffering:

1. "I absolutely must...perform well and win the approval...and the complete love of significant others... If I fail in these respects it is awful and I am a bad and unworthy person who will probably fail and I deserve to suffer.... Holding this belief, tends to cause feelings of anxiety, panic, depression, despair and worthlessness".

2. "Other people with whom I associate must at all times and under all conditions treat me nicely, considerately and fairly. ...Otherwise it is terrible and they are rotten, bad, unworthy people who will always treat me badly...and they should be severely punished for acting so bad to me". This belief can contribute to feelings of anger, rage, and vindictiveness. 

3. "The conditions under which I live absolutely must at all times be favorable, safe, hassle free and easily enjoyable...and if not that way it is awful and horrible and I cannot bear it.... I cannot ever enjoy myself... and my life is impossible and hardly worth living". This belief tends to contribute to frustration, discomfort, intolerance, self-pity, anger, depression and to procrastination, avoidance and inaction.
REBT has proven to be an effective treatment for all types of problems.